Prepared by:

Dr.Pramod Kumar.R,

M.V.Sc. Scholar,

Division of Animal Genetics,






1. Germ Plasm theory was postulated by

a) Lamark                    b) Weisman                    c) Kolliker                      d) Hertwig


2. The ability of a given gene or gene combination to be expressed phenotypically to any degree

a) Penetrance                b) expressivity                  c) pleiotropism                             d) prepotency


3) Linkage group in swamp buffalo

a) 25                                   b) 30                                      c) 24                                        d) 26


4. Total number of genotypes in human ABO blood group system

a) 3                                         b) 12                                   c) 6                                         d) 4


5. Eye colour in drosophila is an example of

a) Sex linked inheritance                          b) sex limited inheritance                           c) sex influenced inheritance                           d) incomplete dominance


6. If the X/A ratio is 0.5, the individual will be

a) Intersex                           b) normal female                   c) super female              d) normal male


7) Total number of barr bodies in an individual with Turner’s syndrome

a) 0                    b) 1                                           c) 2                                      d) none of the above


8. In translocation, the exchange of chromosomal segments occurs

a) With in the same chromosome                 b) between homologous chromosomes         c) between non homologous chromosomes                    d) both b and c


9. If a woman heterozygous for colour blindness marries a colour blind man, what is the probability that their first child will be colour blind daughter?

a) 50%                             b) 25 %                                  c) 75%                            c) 100%


10. If the centromere is located close to the end, and giving a very short arm and an exceptionally long arm, the chromosome is called

a) acrocentric              b) telocentric                 c)submetacentric                      d)none of the above


11. Shortest phase in mitosis is

a) prophase       b) anaphase                  c) metaphase                          d) telophase


12. Soluble RNA (sRNA) is

a) tRNA                 b) rRNA                        c)mRNA                            d)mitochondrial RNA



13. The theory of epigenesis was proposed by

a) K.F. Wolf                   b) Charles Darwin           c) Swammerdam                  d) Kolliker


14. Phenotypic F2 ratio of duplicative recessive epistasis (complementary gene interaction) is

a) 12:3:1                      b) 9:7                                    c) 9:6:1                                d) 9:3:3:1


15. Source of energy in nucleus is

a) glycolysis only               b) TCA cycle only             c) both a and b                 d) none of the above


16. Crossing over taking place at

a) mitosis                    b) meiosis ll                           c) meiosis l                         d)all of the above


17. Xanthine is deaminated product of

a) adenine                 b) thymine                      c) cytosine                              d) guanine


18. The types of phenotypes in F2   generation is

a) 2n                      b) 3n                                c) n2                               d) n3       


19. Sum total of genes in a population is

a) genotype                     b) karyotype                      c) gene pool                        d) gene frequency


20. Rho factor is required for the termination of

a) Replication        b) transcription                    c) translation                         d) transversion


21. The types of histone proteins present in eukaryotic chromosome are

a) 4                       b) 5                                 c) 6                               d) 7


22. The classical test cross ratio in dihybrid is

a) 7:1:1:7             b) 1:7:7:1                        c) 1:1:1:1                         d) both a and b


23. Chromatin consists of

a) DNA & protein only                               b RNA & protein only                    c) RNA & protein only                 d) DNA,RNA&protein


24. Chromosome number of domestic pig is

a) 38                                      b) 78                                        c) 62                                      d) 54


25. Epistasis is ………… type of interaction

a) inter allelic                  b) intra allelic                           c) allelic genetic                  d) both a and c


26. Sickle cell anemia is due to point mutation, in which

a) glu. is replaced by val.                   b) val. is replaced by glu.                    c) his. is replaced by val.  d) val. is replaced by his.         (Note: val-valine,glu-glutamic acid)


27. MN blood group system in humans is an example of

a) multiple allelism            b) co dominance                  c) incomplete dominance         d) pleiotropism


28. If the number multiple alleles for a trait is 5, then what is the total number of genotypes

a) 9                                      b) 16                                  c) 12                             d) 15


29. Chromosome theory of linkage was proposed by

a) Beadle and Tatum            b) Bateson and Punnett                c) Morgan and Castle               d)Sutton and Bovery


30. Barred condition in poultry is an example of

a) sex linked inheritance          b) sex limited inheritance       c) multiple allelism        d) sex influenced inheritance




1.b   2.a   3.c   4.c  5.a   6.d    7. a    8.c    9.b    10.a    11.b   12.a      13.a     14.b


15.a    16.c       17.d     18.a     19.c    20.b     21.b     22.c      23.d     24.a      25.a


26.a      27.b     28.d      29.c    30.a




1. Quantitative traits are controlled by

a) major genes                 b) minor genes                    c) poly genes                d ) both b and  c


2. Breeding value  (BV) is

a) equal to the TA          b) twice the TA                    c) 1/2 of TA                     d) 1/4 of TA


3. Heritability in  narrow  sense is

a) VA/VP                         b) VE/VP                             c) VG/VP                       d) VA+VG/VP


4. Repeatability value set in …………of heritability

a) lower limit of h2             b) upper limit of h2        c ) intermediate  of  h2             d) both a and b


5. The most effective method of selection

a) mass selection           b) pedigree selection             c) progeny  testing           d) selection index


6. Quantitative traits shows

a)continuous variation       b)discontinuous  variation       c)both a and b              d)none of the above


7. Genotypic frequency of progeny depends on

a) genotypic freq. of parent            b) genotypic freq. of population                c) gene freq. of parent                d) both a and c


8. In a population sex linked genes are carried by homogametic sex is ………..of the total sex linked genes in the population

a) 1/2                           b) 1/4                             c) 1/3                                  d) 2/3


9. Type of gene action in general combining ability (GCA) is

a) additive                   b) non additive             c) both a and  b                  d) none of the above


10.Range of h2  and fitness is  

a) 0 to 1                         b) -1 to +1                         c) 0 to infinity                     d) 0 to xn     


11. The proportion of population which shows genetic death is

a) genetic sterility              b) genetic linkage                   c) genetic load                  d) genetic drift


12. For inbreeding, mated individuals should have common ancestors with in

a) 2-3 generations                  b) 4-6  generations                c) 6-7  generations                  d) more than 10 generations


13. Inbreeding coefficients of progenies produced by self mating, parent offspring mating, full sibs and half sibs are in the order

a) 1,0.5,0.25,0.125             b) 0.5,0.5,0.25,0.125           c) 1,0.5,0.5,0.25            d) 0.5,0.25,0.25,0.125


14. Hissardale is the cross of 

a) Merino ewe x Bikaneri ram            b) Lincoln ram x Rambouillet ewe             c) Merino ram x Bikaneri ewe              d) Lincoln ewe x Rambouillet ram


15. In the second generation, hybrid vigor will be

a) same as the first               b) doubled the first            c) half of the first              d)none of the above


16. Crossing of two inbred lines of the same breed is

a) Incrossing                      c) Incross breeding           c) top incrossing              d) top incross breeding


17. The intensity of selection depends with number traits considered ‘n’ is

a) 1/n                             b) 1/n2                                             c) n                                   d) 1/√n


18. Non additive gene action include,

a) epistasis                      b) dominance                    c) interaction                    d) all of the above


19. Mildest form of out breeding is

a) Cross breeding              b) close breeding              c) out crossing                           d) rotational crossing


20. The dispersive process mainly occurs in small population in which,

a) only direction can be predicted not amount              b) only amount can be predicted not direction

c) both amount and direction can be predicted             c) direction and amount cannot be predicted


21. The contribution of offspring to the next generation is called

a) fitness                      b) adaptive value                 c) selective value               d) all of the above


22. Genotypic correlation is due to

a) polymorphism                b) linkage                      c) pleiotropism                   d) both   b and c


23. Carcass quality and quantity is an example of

a) non additive gene interaction             b) additive gene interaction                c) both a &b        d)none of the above


24. In MN blood group system, genotypes are   MM = 153, MN = 260, NN = 87, then the gene frequencies of M and N alleles are

a) 0.64, 0.36                      b) 0.5, 0.5                   c) 0.566, 0.434                      d) 0.518, 0.482


25. A new breed can be evolved by

a) out crossing                   b) cross breeding             c) grading up                      d) none of the above


26. If the coefficient of selection is 0.25, then the fitness is

a) 1                            b ) 0.25                                 c) 0.75                                    d)0.5


27. Father of modern animal breeding

a) Robert Bakewell                    b) S.Wright                     c)J.L. Lush                       d)Gauss


28. Reproductive traits in animals usually follow …………… type h2

a)  High                           b) medium                                c) low                       d) none of the above


29. The goat breed, toggenberg   originated from

a) Spain                       b) Denmark                             c) Switzerland                     d) France


30. Grading up produces pure breed in how many generations

a) 2-4                                b) 4-5                                   c) 10-12                                 d) 7-8   




1.d        2.b       3.a      4.b       5.c       6.a    7.c     8.d         9.a         10.a      11.c      12.b      13.d


14.c       15.c     16.a     17.d      18.d       19.c      20.b        21.d       22.d        23.b     24.c      25.b


26.c       27.c      28.c     29.c       30.d