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1.     Which of the following inhibits aggregation of platelets

o   Aspirin; Thromboxane A2; Urokinase; Streptokinase

2.     The longest muscle in animal body is:

o   Biceps femoris; Longissimus dorsi; Longissimus costarum; Levator costarum

3.     Epithelial pearls are seen in

o   Basal cell carcinoma; Adenocarcinoma; Trichoepithelioma; Squamous cell Carcinoma

4.     Motility of bacteria is due to

o   Plasmid; Flagella; Pili; None

5.     The organ needs to be examined for Trichinella spiralis in routine PM examination

o   Lungs; Diaphragm; Spleen; Intestine

6.     The following have branching except:

o   Actinomycetes; Nocardia; Mycobacterium; Listeria

7.     The zoonotic disease involving birds playing an important role in the transmission:

o   Salmonellosis; Campylobacterosis; Influenza; All

8.     GnRH is secreted from:

o   Hypothalamus; Hypophysis; Ovary; Uterus

9.     Thawing is done at:

o   300C-30s; 370C-30s; 400C-30s; 250C-20s

10.  Hjarre’s disease in poultry is due to

o   E coli; Shigella; Salmonella; Proteus

11.  Type of lenses in electron microscope:

o   Glass; Electrostatic; Quartz; None

12.  Average volume of semen ejaculate in boar (ml) is:

o   10; 100; 250; 500

13.  The anaesthesia which facilitates the examination of penis and prepuce

o   Epidural; Pudental; Paravertebral; High Epidural

14.  Brcella ovis infection in ram is causes

o   Posthitis; Epididymitis; Orchitis; Prostatitis

15.  Calcitonin is secreted by

o   Parathyroid; Adrenal; Thyroid; Ovary

16.  Type of WBC most numerous in cows is

o   Eosinophils; Lymphocytes; Neutrophils; Monocytes

17.  Duration of spermatogenesis (days) in buffalo bulls:

o   64; 54; 48; 40

18.  The antibiotic doesn’t have dose dependent antibacterial action

o   OTC; Amikacin; Enrofloxacin; Sulfadiazine

19.  The estrogen antagonist used to treat mammary and endometrial carcinoma in bitch

o   Megestral acetate; Tamoxifen citrate; Estradiol cypionate; Mitotane

20.  Cyclozoonosis is related to:

o   Brucellosis; Echinococcosis; Leishmaniosis; None

21.  Subacute glomerulonephritis is groslly described as

o   White Spotted Kidney; Large White Kidney; Small Granular Contracted Kidney; Flea Bitten Kidney

22.  Vagus nerve is:

o   Sensory Nerve; Motor Nerve; Mixed Nerve; Spinal Nerve

23.  Ovulation takes place at the end of estrus period in:

o   Canine; Bovine; Ovine; Caprine

24.  The following is to be injected prior to any major surgery/ wound management in horses

o   Antibiotics; Styptics; NSAIDs; Tetanus toxoid

25.  The following produces Aflatoxin:

o   Penicillum notatum; Penicillium rubri; Aspergillus fumigates; Trichophyton sp.

26.  Acute gangrenous myositis is characteristic pathological lesion of:

o   Anthrax; BQ; Leptospirosis; Pasteurellosis

27.  Type of Nucleic acid present in virus:

o   DNA; RNA; Both; Either

28.  World environment day falls on:

o   February 12; April 8; June 5; October 4

29.  Lobulation of the lungs is distinct in:

o   Cow; Horse; Dog; Fowl

30.  The number of Lumbar vertebrae in dog is:

o   6; 5; 7; 8

31.  Mode of hook worm infection is mainly through

o   Oral; Skin Penetration; Lactogenic; All

32.  The nucleated thrombocytes are present in blood of:

o   Horse; Camel; Fowl; Cow

33.  The disease not produced by Mycoplasma


34.  The following species not affected by FMD

o   Elephant; Gaur; Rhino; Wild Boar

35.  Type of animals equines are:

o   Polyestrus; Seasonally Polyestrus; Monoestrus; None

36.  Bitterness of milk is due to

o   Proteolysis; Lipolysis; Autolysis; All

37.  The important vitamin that inactivates free radicals

o   Vitamin A; Vitamin B; Vitamin D; Vitamin E

38.  Which of the following diseases in poultry is not vertically transmitted?

o   EDS 76; Mycoplasmosis; Lymphoid Leucosis; New Castle Disease

39.  The ingredient of blister is:

o   Mag sulph; Bin Iodide of mercury; Copper sulph; Iodine

40.  The vector through which Trypanosomes are transmitted

o   Tabanus; Anopheles; Culicoides; Boophilus

41.  Camel is

o   Spontaneous Ovulator; Induced Ovulator; Silent Ovulator; None

42.  The largest immunoglobulin

o   Ig G; Ig M; Ig A; Ig D

43.  An example of long duration local anaesthetic

o   Bupivacaine; Lignocaine; Lidocaine; Paracaine

44.  The chemical used to control snail population

o   Copper sulph; Pot hydroxide; Carbon tetrachloride; None

45.  The infective stage of Schistosoma spps.

o   Eggs; Sporocyst; Cercaria; Metacercaria

46.  Reserpine is obtained from

o   Ocimum sanctum; Adhatoda vasica; Leptadena Reticulare; Rauwolffia serpentine

47.  Soil erosion is due to:

o   Deforestation; Soil Formation; Soil Conservation; All

48.  Diffuse suppuration in the sub cutaneous tissue is

o   Pustule; Phlegmon; Acne; Furuncle

49.  During second stage of parturition there is a release of an extra amount of

o   Oestrogen; Progesterone; Oxytocin; PGF2 alfa

50.  Brucella organisms multiply in the presence of the alcohol

o   Glucose; Galactose; Erythritiol; Fructose

51.  Domestic sewage contains the following

o   Chemicals; Organic Matter; Highly Toxic Substances; All

52.  Gasping is a symptom in:

o   ILT; Avian Influenza; Avian Leucosis; Ranikhet Disease

53.  The sporadic disease is:

o   HS; Tetanus; FMD; Avian Influenza

54.  The leucocytic granules more toxic to parasites

o   Eosinophils; neutrophils; basophils; lymphocytes

55.  The target organ of shock in dogs is

o   Liver; Lungs; Intestine; Heart

56.  Electrical stunning is widely used in

o   Cattle, Poultry; Pig, Poultry; Buffalo, Poultry; Sheep

57.  The vector for Leishmania is

o   Phlebotomus; Culicoides; Tabanus; Musca

58.  The presentation of fetus in breech presentation is

o   Anterio Longitudinal; Posterior Longitudinal; Dorso Transverse; Ventro Transverse

59.  During recent outbreak of Avian Influenza in South East countries, subtype has been identified

o   H5N1; H5N2; H2N9; H1N5

60.  Garlic like odour of gastrointestinal contents is suggestive of  poisoning with

o   Nitrate ; HCN; Alkali; Phosphorus

61.  The extracellular parasite

o   Babesia; Theileria; Anaplasma; Trypanosome

62.  Occupational radiation hazards can be prevented by wearing an apron of

o   Aluminium; Copper; Lead; Silver

63.  The largest deer found in india

o   Sambar; Nilgai; Spotted Deer; Barasingah

64.  The state bird of Gujarat

o   King Vulture; Saras Crane; Pea Fowl; Flamingo

65.  Campylobacterosis is diagnosed by

o   Milk Ring Test; HA; Intradermal Inoculation; Vaginal Mucous Agglutination Test

66.  Cubonis test is used to diagnose pregnancy in

o   Bitch; Mare; Sow; Cow

67.  Programmed cell death is called

o   Phagocytosis; Mytosis; Necrosis; Apoptosis

68.  Rodent control is very much effective in control of

o   Leptospirosis; Plague; Salmonellosis; All

69.  The term epsilon is associated with

o   Brucellosis; Enterotoxaemia; Marek’s Disease; Erysipelas

70.  Blow gun rifle is fairly accurate for the target up to the distance of

o   40 metres; 80 feets; 80 metres; 40 feets

71.  A live vaccine among the following

o   HS; Brucella S19; BQ; Rabies

72.  A well established protozoal disease transmitted by way of milk

o   Toxoplasmosis; Giardiosis; Cryptosporidiosis; None

73.  Cells spermatids are

o   Haploids; Diploids; Tetraploids; Triploids

74.  Navicular bone in horses

o   Patella; Proximal Sesamoids; Febella; Distal Sesamoids

75.  Length of gestation in mares

o   9 months 9 days; 8 months 8 days; 10 months 10 days; 11 months 11 days

76.  Ingestion of Lantana foliage causes

o   Hepatotoxicity And Secondary Photosensitization; Acute Enteritis; Pulmonary Haemorrhage; Nephrotoxicity

77.  Parasite of pulmonary artery

o   Sarcoptes; Cysticercus; Toxoplasma; Dirofilaria immitis

78.  Irritant and non isotonic drug solution are injected by which route

o   Intravenous; Intramuscular; Sub Cutaneous; Intraperitoneal

79.  Deaths among clinically affected animals indicates

o   Incident Rates; Morbidity Rate; Fatality Rate; Prevalence Rate

80.  The stomach fluke disease is caused in cattle due to

o   Paramphistomum cervi; Moniezia expansa; Fasciola hepatica; Neoascaris vitulorum

81.  In paraffin block making technique fat/lipid is dissolved by

o   Formaline; Xylene; Paraffin; Alcohol

82.  Electron microscope was invented by

o   Leewenhock;  Pastuer; Knoll and Ruska; Elford

83.  The characteristic lesion in brain of cow affected by mad cow disease

o   Neuronal Degeneration; Neuronal Vacuolation; Inclusion Bodies in Neurons; Encephalitis

84.  Antihypertensive drug with angiotensin converting enzyme inhibiting action

o   Prazosin; Verapamil; Frusemide; Captopril

85.  Apex of bovine heart is attached by

o   Cardio thoracic ligament; Pericardio sternal ligament; Cardiac phrenic ligament; Coronary ligament

86.  Purkinjee cells are noted in the

o   Myocardium; Cerebellum; Cerebrum; Myometrium

87.  Michael Bishop and Harold Varmus were awarded Nobel Prize in 1989 for their work on

o   Monoclonal Antibodies; Proto Oncogenes; Chemical Carcinogens; Apoptosis

88.  Bioterrorism is associated with

o   Echinococcosis; Anthrax; Leishmaniosis; Tuberculosis

89.  Caecal coccidiosis is caused by

o   E acervulina; E magna; E tenella; E necatrix

90.  Name the drug of choice for treatment of Thieleriosis

o   Suramin; Buparvaquon; Nitrothiozol; Clopidol

91.  An antibiotic that interferes with bacterial cell wall synthesis

o   Gentamicin; Penicillin; Sulphonamide; None

92.  Fundamental germ layer

o   Ectoderm; Mesoderm; Endoderm; Mesenchymal Cells

93.  Agar is composed of

o   Protein; Lipids; Carbohydrates; Mixture of all three

94.  Rabies virus is

o   Viscerotropic; Neurotropic; Dermotropic; None

95.  Reverse transcriptase enzyme is present in the virus family of

o   Pox; Adeno; Retro; Irido

96.  The drug active against cestodes

o   Pyrantel; Thiophanate; Hexachlorophene; Praziquantel

97.  The desirable limit of fluoride (mg/l) in human drinking water is

o   1; 3; 5; 7

98.  The inflammation of hoof of horse is called

o   Synovitis; Bursitis; Naviculitis; Laminitis

99.  The brachicephalic breed of dog

o   Collie; Pug; Doberman; German Shepherd

100.                   Warfarin poisoning is treated by administration of Vitamin

o   K; E; A; C

101.                   Lemberts pattern is not used for sutured

o   Uterus; Urinary Bladder; Oesophagus; Rumen

102.                   The smallest virus

o   Fowlpox; FMD; Ranikhet Disease; Avian Leukosis

103.                   Atropine :

o   Reduces metabolic rate;

o   Reduces salivary, gastric and bronchial secretion;

o   Reduces body temperature

o   Decrease intestinal motility

104.                   The larva that causes VLM

o   Toxocara canis; Ascaris suum; Ancylostoma caninum; Dirofilaria immitis

105.                   The microchromosomes are seen in

o   Cattle; Horse; Poultry; Dog

106.                   Othaematoma is the haematoma involoving

o   Eye and Ear; Ear; Eye; None

107.                   Punched ulcers in abomassum is caused by

o   Babesia bigemina; Theileria annulata; Anaplasma marginale; Babesia bovis

108.                   Death of animal suffering from rabies occurs due to

o   Neuritis; Gastritis; Asphyxia; Paralysis

109.                   Cattle genome is made up of how many organic bases

o   2.9-3.1 trillion; 2.9-3.1 billion; 2.9-3.1 million; 2.9-3.1 lakh

110.                   Brooder pneumonia is caused by

o   Aspergillus flavus; Aspergillus ochoreceal; Aspergillus parasiticus; Aspergillus fumigatus

111.                   Paralysis of hind quarter is termed as

o   Hemiplegia; Diplegia; Quadriplegia; Paraplegia

112.                   Teat surgery is more successful during which stage

o   Lactating Stage; Dry Stage; Post Pubertal Stage; None

113.                   Pipe stem liver condition is seen in which of the following infection

o   Fasciola hepatica; Moneizia expansa; Dicrocelium dentriticum; None

114.                   The diabetes insipidus develops due to deficiency of

o   ADH; Glucagon; Insulin; Aldosterone

115.                   An important source of biofuel is (Ethanol)

o   Jowar; Oat; Sugarcane; Rice

116.                   Main immunoglobulin protecting mucosal surface is:

o   Ig M; Ig A; Ig G; All

117.                   Surgical removal of stones from the urinary bladder is known as

o   Nephrectomy; Cystotomy; Penectomy; Nephrotomy

118.                   The reference test for diagnosis of rabies

o   FAT; AGPT; Agglutination; ELISA

119.                   Toxic principle present in cotton seed is

o   Sinigrin; Gossypol; Tannin; Mimosin

120.                   Microglia cells are present in

o   Blood; Bone Marrow; Pancreas; Brain

121.                   Suturing of the uterus after the Caesarean section starts from

o   Ovarian end; Cervical end; Middle of the uterus; Either of end

122.                   Anaesthesia is produced when the blood concentration of chloroform reaches to level of

o   0.035%; 0.35%; 0.053%; 1.035%

123.                   Surgical operation for providing drainage from middle ear is known as

o   Zepps Operation; Hyovertebrotomy; Ventriculectomy; Bulla osteotomy

124.                   T lymphocytes get maturity in organ

o   Liver; Thymus; Spleen; Bursa

125.                   Antibacterial drug associated with nephrotoxicity is

o   Tetracycline; Chloramphenicol; Streptomycin; Levofloxacin

126.                   Kohler and Mihlstein are known for the achievement in

o   Hybridoma; Nucleotide sequencing; Viral Culture; Prion discovery

127.                   Bronze discoloration of liver is characteristic feature of

o   Pullorum Disease; Fowl Cholera; Fowl Typhoid; Spirochaetosis

128.                   Double stranded RNA is found in

o   Retro Virus; Reo Virus; Pox Virus; Parvo Virus

129.                   The total dry matter requirement of cow

o   3% of body wt; 3% of metabolic body wt; 5% of body wt; 1% of body wt

130.                   Raw egg feeding in dog may produce deficiency of

o   Biotin; Cholin; Niacin; Pantothenic acid

131.                   Catgut is prepared from the intestine of

o   Rabbit; Sheep; Pig; Cat

132.                   Sodium calcium EDTA is used as antidote in poisoning of

o   Arsenic; Mercury; Lead; Copper

133.                   The common infectious disease affecting snake

o   Brucellosis; Pasteurellosis; Salmonellosis; Tuberculosis

134.                   WTO is related with

o   Environment; Biodiversity; International tourism; International trade

135.                   Nervous sign in ketosis is due to

o   Hypocalcemia; Hypoproteinemia; Hypoglycemia; Hypophosphatemia

136.                   Amputation of horn in goats can be done by blocking of

o   Cornual nerve; Infraorbital; Cornual and Infraorbital; None

137.                   The range of pH of rumen liquor

o   2-3; 5-7; 7-8; 3-5

138.                   Highly toxic poison has oral LD50 value of

o   <1 mg/kg; 1-50 mg/kg; 50-100 mg/kg; 1-50 mg/kg

139.                   The molecules is an endogenous antigen

o   MHC Type I; MHC Type II; MHC Type III; MHC Type E

140.                   Thin membranous partition between lateral ventricles of brain

o   Tapetum lucidum; Septum lucidum; Intradorsal septum; Inter ventricular septum

141.                   Whales and dolphins breathe through

o   Gills; Spiracles; Body surface; Lungs

142.                   The following characteristic palpable through the rectal examination for the pregnancy diagnosis in 35 days in cattle

o   Asymmetry of uterine horn; CL on ovary; Slipping of foetal membrane; All of above

143.                   To relieve the right side uterine torsion, animal should be cast in

o   Left side; Right side; Dorsal recumbency; Sternal recumbency

144.                   The ligament surgically cut for correction of subluxation of patella in bovine

o   Dorsal; Ventral; Middle; Medial

145.                   Dilated pupils and fish eye appearance is observed in which stage of anaesthesia

o   Stage 3; Stage 1; Stage 2; Stage 4


 Cross matching type questions. Each sub question carries ONE mark, choose the correct answer (A,B,C,D,E) for each sub-question (i,ii,iii,iv,v) and enter your choice in the circle (by shading with pencil) on the OMR answer sheet. For each wrong answer 0.20 mark will be deducted.


DISEASES                                         RELATED TERMS

(i)              Mastitis                                               (A) Wart hog disease

(ii)            Strangles                                             (B) Multiceps multiceps

(iii)          African swine fever                            (C) BTB Test

(iv)          Gid                                                      (D) Blue eye

(v)            Infectious Canine Hepatitis                (E) Equine Distemper


DISEASES                                         ETIOLOGY

(i)    Hard pad disease                             (A) Borrelia anserina

(ii)  Wool sorter disease                         (B) Bacillus anthracis

(iii)                IBR                                                     (C) Coxiella burnetti

(iv) Q fever                                            (D) Bovine Herpes Virus

(v)   Fowl Spirochaetosis                       (E) Canine Distemper virus

ITEMS                                                            RELATED TERMS

(i)  Brucellosis control                                   (A) Progesterone

(ii) Campylobacterosis                                   (B) Metronidazole

(iii) Trichomoniosis                                       (C) Estrogen

(iv) Follicale                                                   (D) Vaccine S 19

(v) Corpus Luteum                                         (E) StreptoPenicillin



ITEMS                                                RELATED TERMS

(i)              Meloxicam                                         (A) Xylazine  antagonist

(ii)            Congenital                                          (B) Equithesin

(iii)          Yohimbine                                          (C) Recto vaginal fistula

(iv)          Pudental nerve block                          (D) NSAID

(v)            Anaesthesia for horse                         (E) Ischio rectal fossa


DRUGS                                              RELATED TERMS

(i)    Xylazine                                             (A) Inhalant Anaesthesia  

(ii)  Largactil                                             (B) Muscle Relaxant

(iii)  Ether                                                 (C) Osmotic Diuretic

(iv) Mephenesin                                       (D) Sedative

(v)   Mannitol                                            (E) Chlorpromazine HCl

ITEMS                                                RELATED TERMS

(i)    Gastrulation                                        (A) Ear Ossicle

(ii)  Malleus                                               (B) Prostate

(iii)  Sex gland male dog                            (C) Cock

(iv)Synsarcosis                                         (D) Trilaminar Embryo

(v)  Spur                                                    (E) Muscular Joint-Forelimb

ORGANISM                                SELECTIVE MEDIUM

(i)    Salmonella                              (A) Mannitol salt Agar

(ii)  Staph. aureus                          (B) LJ Medium

(iii)     Hemophilus                          (C) Chocolate Agar

(iv) E coli                                     (D) Brilliant Green Agar

(v)  Mycobacterium tuberculosis  (E) EMB Agar



SPECIES                                                  SPERM CONCENTRATION

(i)    Buffalo bull                                        (A) 3000 million/ml

(ii)  Ram                                                    (B) 3600 million/ml

(iii) Stallion                                              (C) 250 million/ml

(iv) Cock                                                   (D) 1000 million/ml

(v)   Boar                                                   (E) 150 million/ml

SOURCE                                            ANTIBACTERIAL AGENT

(i)    Strept. venezulae                                (A) Polymyxin / Colistin

(ii)  Micromonospora purpurea                (B) Neomycin

(iii)  Bacillus colistinus                             (C) Gentamicin

(iv)Bacillus subtilis                                  (D) Bacitracin

(v)  Strept. fradiae                                    (E) Chloramphenicol

DISEASES                                         RELATED TERMS

(i)    Shipping fever                                    (A) Brucellosis

(ii)  Tick fever                                           (B) Pasteurellosis

(iii)   Spleenic fever                                  (C) Salmonellosis

(iv)Malta fever                                         (D) Ehrlichiosis

(v)  Enteric fever                                       (E) Anthrax