2011 ICAR PG Entrace Exam Questions – VETERINARY SCIENCE



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1.         Purkinjee cells are seen in-
2.         Mammary gland is a type of ( gland)-
3.         Spur core of the fowl is originated from the fusion of- (bone)
4.         The unpaired muscle in the body is-
5.         The largest foramen in the body is-
6.         The single ear ossicle in fowl is-
7.         Rathke’s pouch determines the development of-
8.         Duodenal diverticulum is seen in-(spps)
9.         The only cranial nerve that emerges from the dorsal surface of the brain is-
10.       The narrow septum dividing lateral ventricles of the brain-
11.       Pancreas is a type of- exo/ endocrine / both (choose)
12.       Hassal’s corpuscles are seen in-
13.       Malpighian corpuscles are in- (organ)
14.       Vater Pacinian is seen in- injury/high temp/low temp/cold (choose)

15.       Pace-maker of the heart
16.       Chief mineralocorticoid seen in mammals is-
17.       Hormone that arises from anterior pituitary with similar action of prolactin is-
18.       Aldosterone is secreted from-
19.       Hemophilia A is due to the lack of clotting factor-
20.       Life span of feline RBC-
21.       The instrument used to detect dysfunction  of muscle in body-
22.       Pepsinogen is secreted from- (cells)
23.       Cells associated with clot formation-
24.       Spps with normal mature nucleated RBC-
25.       Respiration rate in normal healthy horse per minute is-
26.       Cholesterol is synthesized from- (compound)
27.       ESR of which spps is found highest-

28.       Infectious stage of Moneizia is-
29.       Parasite associated through the milk is-
30.       Pinworms in equines is-
31.       Protozoan disease transmitted via the ova of worm- (nematode)
32.       Parasite associated with Vit B12 deficiency -
33.       The smallest and most pathogenic tapeworm of poultry-
34.       Furcocercus cercaria is associated with-
35.       Black disease in sheep is associated with the parasite-
36.       Synonym of Paramphistomosis is-
37.       The biology and epidemiology of kala azar is associated with the flies-( common name)
38.       The tryps transmitted by way of coitus is-
39.       Mite causing depluming itch in poultry is-
40.       Punched out ulcer in abomassum is due to -

41.       Thrush breast heart is mainly associated with -
42.       Bacon spleen is seen in- (type of degeneration)
43.       Pearl stain is used in staining-
44.       Uremia is seen in conjunction with- vomitting/ abdominal pain / ascites ( choose the right one)
45.       Counterpart of neutrophils in aves is-
46.       Stage of pneumoniae in which clear fibrin thread seen is-
47.       In  Van den Bergh’s test, biphasic reaction is seen in- (type of jaundice)
48.       In dermoid cyst-(characteristic feature)
49.       In obstructive jaundice blood level of - is seen elevated.
50.       Atelectiasis is the collapse of-
51.       Smudge cells are broken-(type of WBC)
52.       Plasma cells are formed from-
53.       Pseudomelanosis coli is –
54.       In FMD the lesion accompanies is-  vesicular/diphtheretic/necrotic/ulcerative stomatitis (choose)
55.       Negri bodies are seen in rabies infected cattle in-(site)
56.       Bronze discoloration of liver in poultry is the pathognomonic feature of-

57.       The smallest area which provides all possible conditions of life-
58.       Constant presence of disease in an area-

59.       Immunoglobulin associated with parastic immunity-
60.       Hybridoma is the fusion of:
61.       Cause of Black disease in sheep ( subtype of bacteria)-
62.       Stormont test is used to diafnose-
63.       ABR test is used for-
64.       CAMP test is used to diagnose-
65.       LPS is found in-bacteria as antigenic
66.       Viral disease possessing both i/n and i/c inclusion body-
67.       The viral disease associated with i/n inclusion body in trachea of poultry is-
68.       Watery whites are seen in-
69.       Family cervidae is vaccinated using-
70.       The antibiotic used for black leg is-
71.       Hemolytic uremic syndrome is caused due to-- strain of E coli
72.       In 2005-06 the strain of influenza virus that caused the avian inflenza is-
73.       Neoplastic diseases of poultry
74.       Spread of Mareks is via-
75.       Contagious ecthyma spreads by way of-
76.       Autoclaving is done at-
77.       Brooder pnuemonia is caused due to-
78.       The positive agglutination titre of bovine brucellosis in IU/ml-
79.       Experimental animal of choice in Glanders is-
80.       Antigenic determinant site is termed as-

81.       Site of action of penicillin-
82.       Viomycin is originated from-
83.       Clavulanic acid is apotent inhibitor of-
84.       Gunmetal kidney is seen in - toxicosis
85.       Crooked calf syndrome is due to consumption of-
86.       As per Codex Alimentarius the max permissible level of Aflatoxin M1 in milk is-
87.       The drug of choice for straining animals in case of defaecation is-
88.       The fungal origin autonomic drug is-
89.       Neurotoxin present in Cobratoxin has the principle-
90.       Novobiocin and TC are used for the treatment of-
91.       Drug used as anthelminthic orally and parentrally-

92.       Anthrax vaccinated animal is to be withheld for  a period of-days before slaughter
93.       A country when declared to be free from rabies if there is no incidence of rabies for the last - years
94.       ‘Green rots in eggs’ is caused by-

95.       The anion given at the time of pregnancy to prevent milk fever is-
96.       Downer cow is seen as a complication to-
97.       Eclampsia is a nervous disorder and is known as- (motor irritation/ convulsion- choose)
98.       Metabolic acidosis is due to-
99.       Colloid used to prevent dehydration-
100.     Vitamin E deficiency is manifested as-
101.     Vagal indigestion is due to the adhesion of- (rumen/ reticulum/ omassum/ abomassum- choose)
102.     The daily Vitamin A requirement in cattle in IU/kg-
103.     The mineral deficiency associated with parakeratosis in swine is-
104.     Lactation tetany is mares is mainly due to-
105.     The mineral associated with Vit B12 synthesis is-

106.     The local anaesthetic used in case of dental surgery is-
107.     Propofol anaesthesia recovery in dogs is rapid and smooth
108.     The site for epidural anaesthesia-
109.     Dilated pupil and fish eye is the feature of  IV stage of anaesthesia
110.     Comminuted fracture can be classified on the basis of-
111.     The quality of radiograph depends on-
112.     Tension band wiring is used in – (type of fracture)

113.     Number of motile spermatozoa in cattle for AI is-
114.     Substance used as cryogen in equine semen is-
115.     Reduced concentration of Spermatozoa is called-
116.     For the expression of estrus in cattle, oestrogen is secreted from-
117.     The AI in pigs is done at (site)-
118.     The site of AI in cattle is-
119.     Endometrial cups in equines are from- (fetal/maternal- choose)
120.     RFM in cattle is said to occur if retained for-(time in hrs.)
121.     Superovulation in cattle is induced by- (hormone)
122.     Physiological t1/2 of progesterone is-
123.     The four limbs of the cow if presented in the birth canal is indicative of – (twinning; dog sitting posture; monster; all- choose)
124.     The drug of choice for primary uterine inertia is-
125.     Drug used in sows for the induction of parturition-
126.     The source of Prostaglandins in semen is-
127.     The entry of Spermatozoa to ova is by way of enzyme-
128.     Endocrine cells of the testis is-
129.     Thawing temperature of frozen semen-
130.     The gestation length of cow is-